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THETA offers a diverse range of programs tailored for young individuals, with Sexwise being the current active initiative.

Sexwise is a groundbreaking theatre in education program that combines the power of live performance with interactive workshops, offering an innovative approach to addressing crucial topics related to sexuality and healthy relationships.

Through a compelling theatre performance and engaging workshops, this program provides young individuals with accurate, up-to-date information in an accessible and relatable format. By blending entertainment and education, Sexwise encourages open dialogue, critical thinking, and informed decision-making among its participants, making it an essential resource for promoting positive sexual health and relationships. Experience the transformative impact of Sexwise as it empowers and educates audiences, fostering a healthier and more informed youth community.

Alongside Sexwise, our repertoire have included engaging programs like Crunch & Munch, where a storyteller encourages the consumption of vegetables and fruits to promote a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Additionally, we have The Best Thing, a program designed for students and facilitators to collaboratively explore challenges, focusing on communication and connectedness. These programs exemplify our commitment to addressing various aspects of youth well-being and fostering positive behaviors in a creative and interactive manner.