THETA is looking for 8 Performer/Facilitators for the 2020 tour of Sexwise – sexual health programme. Applications close 27th September 2019.

You need to be:


  • Available – 17th February to late June 2020
  • Aged between 19 and 26. Ability to sing an play guitar an advantage
  • Genuinely interested in working in a quality theatre-based health programme for young people, including performing and working WITH young people
  • Warm, engaging and confident in relating to young people with differing values, backgrounds and cultures, able to communicate in an open, non-judgmental and accepting manner
  • Disciplined, generous, adaptable, and self-motivated
  • Prepared to work co-operatively, collaboratively and to take and give constructive criticism
  • Able to work, travel and live on tour for several months with the same small group of people
  • Preferably a current full New Zealand driver’s license
  • Teaching experience would be an advantage


Auditions to be held in:

Auckland Oct 5th 2019

Wellington Oct 6th 2019

Christchurch Oct 8th 2019

Dunedin Oct 10th 2019



If this sounds like you, please follow the link:


What we’re looking for in our performers

We are seeking performers who are committed to making quality theatre for young people, and who have not only performance skills but also skills in leading/facilitating workshops with students. In other words, we are looking for actors who can also be educators - who are able to communicate with young people of varying ages and stages in a non-condescending and respectful manner.

Programmes are a combination of theatrical performance, theatre-in-education facilitation and health promotion. If you are interested in working for THETA, you need to feel confident in working in all three strands.

In terms of Sexwise in particular, performers must be able to deal with the subject matter in a self-assured, open and non-judgemental way. You need to be secure with your own sexuality and totally accepting of others with a different sexual orientation from your own. There is no room on this tour for prejudice of any kind. You also need to be aware that because of the sensitive nature of sexual health education, you may encounter, and have to deal with, the occasional controversy in schools, the general community the school is in, church communities, or with local media. However you do not have to deal with these incidents alone. They are always referred to the THETA Artistic Director or Administrator.

Tour liaison and administration takes place from our Dunedin office, but actors must be able to effectively interface with school staff (and sometimes Boards of Trustees and parents/caregivers) and promote a professional public face for the Theatre in Health Education Trust throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Personal Responsibilities

Obtaining professional theatre work for several months sounds like a dream gig. But living, travelling and working with other people day in, day out, for months is not easy.

The actor-educators we need must be capable of independent living, self-motivated and able to self-manage, particularly in regard to things like time-keeping, taking individual responsibility for running to schedule and indeed knowing where the schedule is taking you on any day. Nothing creates conflict within a team more than one person feeling that he or she has to take responsibility for getting the others out of bed, sometimes packed up and out of the motel, and on the road in the mornings; making the initial contact with schools or doing all the driving.

Employees need to be reasonably tidy, bearing in mind that THETA needs to be able to maintain good relationships with moteliers nationwide.

They must be generous and open team players, able to work through problems which can arise between company members, in a mature fashion, respecting others’ opinions.

They must be prepared to work hard, maintain quality standards, dedicated to giving the same energy and commitment to each performance and workshop. It is essential to remember that no matter how many ‘shows’ have already been presented, ‘this show’ is the first and only one ‘these students’ will participate in. All schools and some students are asked to evaluate the programme.

Each company of four will have at least two members with full driver’s licences. It is essential that the driving is shared as sometimes very long distances are travelled.

Photographic or film images of actors may be used by THETA for promotional and research purposes.